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Encountering the Circle Line: dwelling-in-motion and its violent other (14486)

Elaine Stratford 1
  1. University of Tasmania, Hobart, TAS, Australia

This paper explores commuting as a mundane venture in the intervals of adult lives—a travelling between, a form of conduct—that is simultaneously regulated, regularized, and at risk of disruption—sometimes by dint of force and in ways that violently affect our capacity to flourish. I settle upon the London Underground, where, as part of an exploration of Lefebvre’s notions of presence I have gotten into the habit of “doing” the Circle Line each time I am in London. My journeys are about being there, planted and mobile, practising an embodied presence and watching and considering others’ mobilities and rhythms. That work, which this paper is not about, has prompted a more general consideration of the adult body in the labour force, the daily “grind” of commuting, and different modes of being and doing. Those encounters have prompted three questions that are explored here by reference to the attacks of 7 July 2005, and by consideration of Massumi’s critical reflections on prevention, deterrence and pre-emption. How, in short, do adults experience the practice of commuting? In what ways might commuting be considered dwelling-in-motion? What do increasingly violent disruptions to commuting as dwelling-in-motion mean for how we think about conduct and flourishing?