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Multispecies mobilites – moving and being moved (13642)

Lesley Instone 1
  1. University of Newcastle, Callaghan, NSW, Australia

This paper explores movement from a multispecies perspective. Starting with dogs and dog-walking I consider emerging human-dog urban mobilites and think about how we move and are moved by the humanimal worlds that compose us. The paper considers the bodily, affective and material practices of ‘walking-with’ domestic and undomesticated others to conceptualise a notion of co-motion and its troubling partner commotion. Co-motion aims to decentre the human body and refigure movement as worldings that help shape the possibilities of mobile relations between species. Commotion as a disruptive move, highlights the responsibilities we have for how we humans move at the same time that we are moved by commotion in often unexpected and sometimes unwelcome ways. The paper pays attention to the continual becomings that compose different bodies and frames these as ethico-political moves that leave room for nonhuman agency and nonhuman worlds.