Performance of ecological (urban-digital) citizenship in the ‘connected’ city — ASN Events

Performance of ecological (urban-digital) citizenship in the ‘connected’ city (16933)

Tamsin Fisher 1
  1. School of Geosciences, University of Sydney, Sydney, NSW, Australia

This paper considers ecological citizenship and its performance in the ‘connected’ (digital) city. Andy Dobson (2003, 2005) talks of the ecological citizen in terms virtue and responsibility, rather than in terms of rights associated with membership of a polity. For him, the good ecological citizen acts to reduce their ecological footprint. For urban inhabitants – whose ecological footprints extend beyond the physical city boundaries – how might the practice of ecological citizenship be complicated by the changing cityscape whereby physical space is overlaid with a digital information layer? In recent years, we have seen the development of a range of applications of mobile media technologies designed to enable virtuous and responsible ecological citizens (who are urban, digital and ‘good’). This paper will discuss examples of ways in which locative media are enabling or inhibiting greater civic participation in environmental projects in urban areas, and argue that a reimagining of the responsibilities of the urban and digital citizen can contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the changing performance and practice of ecological citizenship. The reimagined ecological-urban-digital citizen is considered in terms of enhanced opportunities for civic engagement made possible by digital technologies.