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Constructing 'Global' Sydney (16700)

Elizabeth Adamczyk 1
  1. University of Newcastle, Newcastle, NSW, Australia

My research engages with assemblage theory and the global city by focusing on the geographies of global architectural forms such as skyscrapers in Sydney, Australia. I argue that globalness is generated through an assemblage of diverse human and non- human components, following how flows of international architects, consultants, contractors, investors, investment, materials, techniques and technologies, have sustained and strengthened Sydney’s global architecture. Theorising the global architectural form as an assemblage cannot be reduced to the political-economic agendas and comparative visions involved in producing the form, but should equally focus on the context and diverse influences that enacted it. My research also uses assemblage to reconsider the research process itself. By drawing on post-structuralist theories of how globalness is enacted, through practice and process, my research aims not only to offer new empirically grounded dialogue between assemblage thinking and global architectural forms, but also to encourage alternative ways of imagining and planning the global city.