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Clearing the ground: Decolonialising our thinking (17124)

Elizabeth A Rice 1
  1. Rice Consulting, Artarmon, NSW, Australia

This paper canvasses some of the issues that need to be dealt with by non-Indigenous Australians before they can begin to imagine how to decolonise Australian institutions and policy, including planning policy.  It commences with the essentially negative narrative of Indigenous Australia that is embedded in current Indigenous policy, as exemplified by 20 years of national Indigenous policy making by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG).  It then examines (i) the factors that contribute to this negativity, including racialised knowledge, and (ii) the way in which these factors undermine our capacity to engage positively with Indigenous Australian communities, whether urban, regional or remote.  It concludes by presenting two examples of Indigenous planning, one urban and one remote, and then suggesting an agenda for the development of an Indigenous controlled praxis based on recognition of the rights of Indigenous peoples who have never ceded their sovereignty.