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Valuing practices in Ewaste recycling in Australia (13921)

Ruth Lane 1
  1. Monash University, Clayton, VIC, Australia

Increasing resource scarcity together with rising environmental costs of mining are focusing attention on the need to consider used good and materials as potential resources of metals for future manufacturing. However a large scale shift towards valuing waste materials as future resources involves changes to existing practices of a great many actors and organisations, ranging from consumers and household disposal practices, through to government agencies and multi-national corporations.  It cannot be assumed that all operate with similar understandings of value. In this paper I draw on broad understandings of economy as socially embedded (Polanyi) and diverse (Gibson-Graham) in order to tease out some of the social practices entailed in valuing, devaluing and revaluing used electronics that manifest across different spatial scales, from household disposal practices to national policy to global production networks and consider how they influence existing material flows through households, cities and between countries.