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Space, Pedagogy and non-Human Didactics (14709)

Megan Watkins

Massey (2005, p. 56) explains that ‘we cannot become without others. And it is space that provides the necessary condition for that possibility’. In what ways, however, are our interactions with others - human and non-human, animate and inanimate - that are transacted in various spaces, constitutive of how we come to be? What are the pedagogic relations and processes that engagement in space enables? Phenomenologies of practice, such as those of Ingold, have much to offer in this regard. Yet, in their examination of object/human relations and various encounters in space, learning is generally presented as a product of an almost seamless engagement with the world. The pedagogic nature of these relations and, in particular, their didactic function, is either neglected or downplayed. Drawing on an ongoing interest and study of cultural pedagogies, this paper examines what can be termed ‘non-human didactics’ (Watkins, 2014 forthcoming). It considers the ways in which objects, varying terrain and the built environment within schools and their broader communities, act as ‘teacher’ crafting the human, furnishing individuals with various capacities.