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Dreams from Kiribati on the ideal climate migration solution (17207)

Jerome Cameron

Climate change is a widely regarded and increasingly contributing factor to population movements. This research critically explores how 'vulnerability' and 'resilience' can be used simultaneously when addressing transnational climate migration to utilise the strengths of both frameworks and develop culturally sensitive pathways for action. Preliminary findings are presented from very recently completed research in South Tarawa, Kiribati which is a population both vulnerable and resilient to the impacts of climate change. Interviews and focus groups were conducted with government officials and NGO workers/ volunteers in Kiribati using a strength-based approach modelled on Appreciative Inquiry theory. Through exploring how participants could “migrate with dignity”, results immediately indicate the deep connection between the Kiribati culture and their natural environment, with the desire to continue this way of life no matter where they are living in the future. Through a transformation social resilience framework, safeguarding the Kiribati culture appears to be the key to maintaining social resilience for the population if they are to resettle in a new location.