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New spaces for learning and practicing design (16569)

Katrina Sandbach 1
  1. University of Western Sydney, Penrith, NSW, Australia

Within the profession of graphic design, the term ‘studio’ is used interchangeably to describe both the physical place where designing occurs, and the mode of engagement through which discipline is developed. Similarly, the educational studio is 'a physical place where students learn to become practitioners through learning by doing' (Shao et al., 2007) and the time and place where students synthesise diverse forms of knowledge. Once considered central to design education, the physical teaching studio now shares its space and in some cases has been replaced with blended and online modes of delivery, as higher education institutions strive to provide flexible learning options in a competitive environment. This is in correlation with new modes of practicing design professionally, which no longer relies on the density of city hubs, and creative industries are becoming increasingly de-centralised as technology makes it possible to work from anywhere, at anytime, with anyone. This paper explores the contemporary design studio as a fluid place, and what implications this has for design pedagogy in higher education, with a particular focus on the western Sydney region where creative industry clusters are growing.